Free site dedicated to helping guardians find their lost dogs

K9Alert gets lost/found/saw dog messages directly to the public via e-mail with a click of the mouse. In order to send & receive lost/found/saw dog e-mails 24/7, K9Alert uses Yahoogroups service. Please go to Yahoogroups to sign up for a Yahoo ID. You DON'T need to change your Toolbar and/or enter your profile.

Please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k9alert Click "Join This Group" at upper right hand corner. 

Once you joined the group, K9Alert will appear when you sign into Yahoogroups.  You will need your Yahoo ID to post messages.

You can get a "Digest" instead of individual e-mails (click "My Groups" then "Edit My Groups").

K9Alert was started with the quixotic dream that all stray dogs will be safely back home.  Thank you for sharing the dream.

Please encourage others to join K9Alert neighborhood watch for pets so that when there is an alert for a lost dog, there will be someone in the neighborhood to keep an eye for the dog & help bring it home before something bad happens to it.

K9Alert was featured on Bestfriends.org on 8/23/05 (Bestfriends was one of the few organizations allowed into New Orleans to save the animals stranded by hurricane Katrina):

ID tags. Microchips. Tattoos. These are all methods for ensuring the safety and return of your beloved pooch if he or she should get lost. Dog lovers go to great lengths to make sure nothing happens to their "kids."

Now there is one more action you can take to strengthen your dog's safety arsenal - join K9Alert . . . with a steadily increasing number of members, it is sure to help people and pets get back together.

The group was started by Irene, whose beautiful long-haired German Shepherd, Hurricane, jumped the fence in an expected thunderstorm in April 2004. As most people do when they lose a beloved dog, Irene spent countless hours, days, and months looking for Hurricane. . . .

While looking for Hurricane, Irene realized that it was impossible for someone with a job and other obligations to keep going to shelters and surfing through myriad missing-dog websites. She also heard stories about other people who lost their pets that just broke her heart. Irene lost count of the times people told her they saw stray dogs, but did nothing about it.

In her quest to save more dogs than just her own, Irene contacted various SPCAs, local shelters and LA County Animal Control, pitching new ways to help lost animals. Although one SPCA started posting pictures of animals on their websites as a result, most didn't bother to respond.

That's when Irene decided to do something on her own. She launched K9Alert to help stray dogs and people who have lost their dogs.

Behind every lost dog is a heartbroken person frantically looking for it, yet thousands of animals are unclaimed and euthanized at shelters, said Irene. This is truly a red flag. Whatever systems we have to recover lost pets are not working quite right. The idea of K9Alert is to get as many people involved as possible, and to make it as easy as possible for people to report a stray animal instead of doing nothing. (Article by Lorraine Johnston.)

K9Alert thanks In Defense of Animals and German Shepherd Rescue for their links.