Free site dedicated to helping guardians find their lost dogs



My dog, Hurricane, jumped the fence in an unexpected thunderstorm on 4/1/04. This site is dedicated to helping stray dogs and guardians find their lost dogs. 5 minutes of your time can help save an animal's life. Hopefully, something good will come out of losing Hurricane.

K9Alert is a neighborhood watch/Amber Alert for pets.  Lost/found/saw dog messages alert  the public 24/7, as soon as they are posted, instead of waiting for someone to find the messages.

When your dog is missing, it is important to alert the public as fast as possible while your dog may still be in the neighborhood. K9Alert is a fast & easy way to get your lost dog message directly and immediately to the public 24/7.  When someone sees or finds your dog, you will be notified.

Even when your dog is microchipped, depending on the brand of the chip, sherlters' scanners may not be able to detect your dog's chip.

Sometimes a stray dog is turned over to a rescue group instead of a shelter, or a dog may be sick or injured & is kept away from public view.   Some stray dogs are transferred from one animal shelter to another shelter.  K9Alert can alert you about these dogs.

Members of K9Alert include animal lovers, rescuers, and volunteers in animal shelters who can help in the search of your lost dog. Our goal is to help unite stray dogs with their guardians before they end up in animal shelters, & to get strays dogs out of shelters & back home with their families before they are euthanized.

People generally take no action when they see a stray dog. The longer a dog is on the street, the bigger the chance of it being hit by cars, attacked by coyotes, catching diseases, or end up in a shelter where it may get euthanized. Be part of K9Alert & help get stray dogs home.

Sometimes an elderly person who loses a pet may not be able to go out & search for his/her dog. Sometimes a sick & homebound child loses a pet that is his/her only friend. Your "saw/found dog" message on K9Alert may help them find their pets. You don't need to own a pet to join K9Alert. All you need is a kind heart & a willingness to help.

Dog licenses are due 6/30. Animal control officers go door-to-door to check for unlicensed dogs. If someone is keeping your dog in his/her yard, animal control officers have been known to remove the dog's license tag & issue the dog a new tag & you will not be able to trace your dog.

Behind every lost pet is a heartbrokern owner frantically looking for it, yet tens of thousands of pets are unclaimed and euthanized in shelters. Only about 20% of owners find their lost pets. Please join K9Alert neighborhood watch/Amber Alert for pets & help get stray dogs home. When you get an alert about a lost dog, please be on the lookout & help spread the word about the dog. It takes 5 minues to join 9Alert. 5 minutes of your time can help save an animal's life.

A neighborhood watch for pets is the most effective way in uniting a lost dog with its owner, before the dog gets too far from home & harder to find. Please join K9Alert and be part of a neighborhood watch, a grassroot of animal lovers helping one another and the animals so that, one day, all stray dogs will be safely back home with their families.

K9Alert was featured on Bestfriends', one of the few organizations allowed into New Orleans to save the animals stranded by Hurricane Katrina (see "Join K9Alert").